These testimonials are examples of feedback that Amy’s clients offered after she interpreted their charts via Skype.

“Loved the reading, everything you explained about what is going on now makes so much sense and resonates with how I’m feeling now.”– H.Y. Sydney, Australia

“It’s uncanny how spot on your interpretation is. You basically captured everything that brought us together and the challenges that ended up separating us. There are so many examples where you hit the nail on the head!” — D.S. Mumbai, India

“Thank you for an amazing reading. Thanks for answering all of my questions. I truly appreciate it and it helped to shed light on questions I needed to answer.”– K.S. Atlanta, Georgia

“Thank you again for an incredible reading of my chart! I so valued the time you spent explaining it to me.” — A.M. Florida

“What you described really helped. I was able to move through my day with a lot of clarity, which was awesome.” — S.W.

“Just finished reading my consultation natal birth chart from @starheal EXACTLY what I needed & it clarified so much highly recommended.” — C.B., Kansas City, Missouri

“I genuinely appreciate the way you personalized it and interconnected all the aspects in my chart. I’ve had people do a few chart readings for me before and it seems as if they only copied and pasted paragraphs. Please keep doing astrology because you’re amazing!” — L.K., Pennsylvania

“I’m incredibly grateful for this reading! It was very eye-opening and motivational. Definitely hit home.” — D.L. Los Angeles, California

“I found a lot of insight in all that you shared. The three month transit really helped put a lot into perspective.” — C.R. Anchorage, AK

“You have been so accurate in your calculations. When I look back you were spot on with your findings.”– G.S. Johannesburg, South Africa

“Thank you so much for my reading I am still going over it and using the birth chart to help me put the reading into context. This has helped me put things into perspective.” — J.R. San Francisco, California

“Thank you so much! This reading is indeed helpful and informative. A lot of things resonated with me while digesting the natal chart/transits/reading.” — S.L. Bethesda, Maryland

“Love your reading! Thank you so much. It’s what I was looking for.” — T.S. New Jersey